Marini Azzolini Tartufi

Aphrodisiac for fine food lovers, the truffle is a must to have in deluxe menus for every chef with self-respect!
To enjoy the truffles optimally, they have to be freshly sliced at the table. Possibly on top of dishes that have already been prepared with them.
Certainly the quest will need to bring sufficient funds if he wants to order this rare lust-stimulating mushroom.
Of course the truffle is at our company fresh available, in qualities first choice, extra and super extra.
Nothing is certain in nature, and therefore we are unable to know beforehand which types of truffles are to be found in a week. Quality is however guaranteed, when the truffles are available of course.

Our fresh truffles, truffles in jars, sauces and other truffle products are made by the Marini Azzolini Truffles company in Marches. Click on his picture and you can see a movie about his company.

European Truffle speciesblack truffle

There is a large variety of truffle species, that can be arranged further into different sub-species. Truffles grow in all parts of the world, both in the desert and as in the forests. The most important areas for truffle traders are France, specifically the Perigord, Northern- and central Italy and Serbia. The species of truffles that one can find in these areas are: (only legally tradable ones are mentioned)

1. The Precious Black Norcia or Spoleto truffle, Tuber Melanosporum Vitt, that is black on the inside and fresh available from December until march.

2. The winter truffle, Tuber Brumale as it is called. This truffle species, resembles the much higher prized precious black truffle, can be recognized as well by its strong smell and taste, but is significantly less in quality and costs even less than half! We usually trade during wintertime only in Black Precious Truffles from Norcia or Spoleto, and avoid complaints.

3. The Musk winter truffle.  The Moschatum de Ferry sub-variety is dearly loved among the experts. This species is black as well on the inside.

4. The Precious White Piedmonte or Acqualagna Truffle, Tuber Magnatum Pico. In case one is fortunate, to be found out during the slicing, the precious white truffle has small red veins inside. These are the finest, found at the roots of hazelnut trees (among others).

5. The march-bianchetto truffle. A white truffle species. This truffle has no smell but is exported.

6. The common Summer Truffles, the Tuber Aestivum Vitt. Can be found in many areas in Europe where truffles grow, in large quantities. Characteristics are: inside is the color beige and it has a crusty black skin. This truffle is delicious in sauces. Marini is specialized sauce maker.

7. The Uncinato Summer truffle, that scientists call Tuber Aestivum Vitt var. Uncinatum du Chatin. Much darker in color than the common summer truffle. Its somewhat sweet flavor and intense smell make one think of more costly dark species.