De beste bierbrouwer van Europa 2017

Birra Scudate
Lager Beer

The traditional blonde colour and its light, white head make this beer wholly irresistible.
Birra Scudata is perfect with cured meats, and was born to be drunk alongside a "porchetta sandwich".

Birra Antoniana ai Tadi
White beer

The classics are important. In the beer world too some styles make history. The"blanche" or "White beers", are an important piece of this history. Today we return to explore the Belgian styles and we are proud to introduce you Birra Antoniana ai Tadi.
A thin, spicy, refreshing beer. Its rich aromas will tickle your palate. In the name "Tadi" there is another link to Padua's history. The Tadi's family is one of the ancient family of Padua. The legend says that this family began in the Middle Age when "Simone De' Tadi", a knight of Charles the Great, dediced to stay in Padua for the rest of his life. This important family gives his name to "Tadi" bridge. This bridge was on an ancient roman street that leads to Vicenza.

Birra Antoniana Eremitani
Strong Ale

Birra Eremitani, our ex christmas ale, returns to become year - round.
Even in this beer there is a tribute of our city, Padua. Birra Eremitani takes its name from the ancient "Eremitani Convent" now rounded by the Garden of the Arena. An area rich in history where, for centuries, the Scrovegni Chapel sleep with its famous frescoes painted by Giotto. The bright golden stars of the vaullt dress Eremitani's label.
This beer has a rich and complex body with a delicate aftertaste of almond, perfectly balanced by the wise hopping.